Kaleidoscope Memento

The goal of this project was to create a memento that shows personalization through various forms of energy. A kaleidoscope brings back memories of childhood and being outdoors, which is often reminisced during adulthood. The kaleidoscope allows the user to interact with electrical, chemical, and kinetic energy in the process of rotating the cap.


The interactive portion of the kaleidoscope involves the user rotating the aperture, as seen below. 

Final Design

The user can customize the images seen through the kaleidoscope lens. The user can collect small elements of an object and place it inside a petri dish, which is then placed in the opening of the kaleidoscope. In the image below, the object seen is of ants.

Both the head and body of the kaleidoscope was turned on a metal lathe. The head is made from aluminum while the body is made from brass, altogether creating a more antique aesthetic.