Dog and Walkers Group

Dawg is a mobile application that connects dog owners with dog walkers. Through Dawg, dog owners and dog walkers can both search for each other in their area, schedule walks and sitting services, and pay securely. Additionally, both can rate each other in order to build a reputation. 


During the initial process, I concentrated on the activity of walking a dog in order to achieve a more focused scenario. Other activities would include feeding, boarding, grooming, and training, which are part of the application as well. In this process, I focused on the user journey, user interface, and the details of how the application unfolds.

The App

After an animated splash screen, the user is taken to a login page where she has an option to log-in through either Facebook or Gmail. From there, she is taken to a select mode screen, where she selects if she wants to use the app as an owner or a walker. In this scenario, the user of the app is a dog owner and the interface is in that perspective.

The owner then fills out her basic information as well as her availability. There is also a profile page for her dog that proceeds after, which includes important information such as the breed, age, and special care instructions.

Once the preferences are all set, the owner proceeds to try and find a dog walker to match with. The owner is able to dislike or like a dog walker that is presented on her screen. If the dog walker has similar preferences as the dog owner, then it's a match! 

The app keeps track of all of the walking records for both the owner and walker to review. The next step is payment. Once a card is registered, it stays in the apps system, making it a one-touch payment the next time you use it. Finally, the owner and walker are both able to review their experience with each other and using the app.